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Offering Home Lighting Solutions For Interior & Exterior

We can install, service and repair all types of residential and commercial lighting.

Do you need help choosing which light is right for your space? We can assist you with your lighting designs, as well as coordinate every aspect from ordering to selecting the right switch or dimmer and being there to turn on the light for the first time.


Ceiling Lighting

Having the right overhead lighting will enhance your home and help to stage a room. Lighting from the ceiling will provide the best source of lighting for any room. You can choose from a variety of options: flush mount, close to ceiling, pendant and chandeliers.


Recessed Lighting & Trims

Create a clean look in your home using recessed lighting. Recessed lighting can be added anywhere you want a subtle, sleek look for extra lighting. You can also choose recessed lighting with an adjustable “eyeball” to direct light to whatever you chose to illuminate.


Ambient Lighting

Setting the right mood is all in the lighting. Incorporating different types of lighting into the same room, as well as installing dimmer switches, will allow you to go from brightly lit for family activity or soft evening light to wind down and relax.


Art Lighting

Let us shine some light on things you really love. Having the right lighting for your artwork will not only display the art properly, it may also preserve the integrity of the piece. We offer recessed lights, accent lights, picture lights and hidden track systems.


Exterior Lighting

Enhance your home or business ambiance and security with exterior lighting. We have a wide range of products to service all your exterior lighting needs. Installing exterior lighting is a great way to show off your home or light up your business and attract attention.