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Installation, Testing & Repair Specialist CA / NV

AWWA Certified – Backflow Prevention General Tester
California – Nevada Section

You have options when deciding who will test your backflow device. Local utility companies are not the only provider of this service.

We work with residential and commercial owners, property management companies and community management companies.

We offer competitive pricing and discounts for multiple tests at the same address or HOA.

Please consider us for your annual testing, any repairs which you may require and for new installation of irrigation, fire suppression, and mechanical backflow devices.


Hydronic –
Irrigation –
Fire Suppression

Backflow prevention is the term used to prevent the reverse flow of water from a potentially polluted or contaminated source into drinking and bathing water supply systems.

Backflow is caused by cross-connection. This is any point on a water system where a polluting substance may come in contact with potable (drinking) water. This may include any system piping that allows access to the potable water supply, any connected auxiliary water supply, submerged inlets, by-pass arrangements, removable sections and temporary devices.

This is prevented by installing a backflow prevention device such as a one-way valve which prevents the contaminants from entering the potable water supply. These are supplied in testable and non-testable types depending on the risk associated with the possible contamination. Testable devices require annual testing to ensure satisfactory operation.