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Backup Generation Systems

Specializing in Your Home Energy Needs

The First Step

The first step in choosing a generator is to determine if you want a portable or permanent system.

A portable system can provide your essential circuits with power to keep your refrigerator, furnace and some lights working.

A permanent system will allow you to run all appliances, your furnace and all lighting as if you never lost power.

Be sure to match the size of the generator to your electrical needs. Generators are rated by their maximum electrical power output in kilowatts. For best efficiency, you should operate at no more than 75 percent of capacity.

To calculate the generator you will need, total the wattage of all household items which use electricity simultaneously. Then, double that number. Be sure to factor in starting or “surge” requirements, which can be found on the appliance or in the manual.

Sound confusing to you? Give us a call and we will come out and assess all of your electrical needs and customize a backup generation system specific to your home or commercial building.


Anatomy of a Generator

When the power goes out, this automatic standby installation switches to emergency mode, starts the generator, and feeds power to designated emergency circuits in the house.